A women tells how God through Angel Obinim delivered her from spiritual marriage.

A woman having. 15 years spiritual marriage decided to look for solution.  She went to see four differebt fetish priests  and three different pastors.  

She was even given a local soap  mixed with the blood of a file together with a knife and six flowers oil.  She was also given something to wear around her waist.  She said all these  didn’t help but rather compounded her problems.  

She revealed that Men came her way,  slept with her and then leave  her.  Her business also went down.  

She narrates, she heard about angel obinim and came to see him at the emergency  prayer line.  She was given a 5 day oil direction. She said after the direction she hasn’t seen any  spirit sleep with her.   

She has met a man who will be marrying  her soon and also her business is now booming.


Angel Obinim healed a man who was watching him on TV.

Ludu Worro had a fracture at the shoulder  bone because of am accident.  He also had a son who had a boil. 

One-day they were  watching  over TV  angel obinim was healing the sick the son laid the hand on the TV and instantly  got healed.  So it increased their faith and they came to see Angel  obinim about oh t the fractured shoulder. 

Angel obinim promised to heal him.  He went to  remain general  hospital  for scan and was told that the fracture was still there.  So he decided to go to Korle bu.  

Before he got there he prayed  asking angel obinim to honour his promise.  When he took the scan it showed that there was no fracture

A lady who claims to be a witch gives dumbfounding testimony about Angel Obinim

  Lariba testifies that she became a witch at the age of 5years. As she grew ( at the age of 7 )she was given to a river god.

 She therefore became  a masturbater and a lesbians in addition to joining a coven of witches in the upper east region (bolegatanga) .  She used her powers to kill people,  terminate pregnancies and also destroy the work of many people she came into contact with. She said one-day she was turning her parents multi – TV and saw OB TV. 
 She said that night when  she slept, she dreamt that a very bright light  fell on her and then Jesus  and a certain old man appeared to her.  The old man had angelic wings and told her about what  he was capable of doing. 

She asked Jesus who the Oldman and the suddenly  he turned into Angel obinim.  Jesus told her he has asked angel obinim to help her so she should go to his church. 

She said she hesitated at first  but finally  came.  She said she was sitting among the congregation when angel obinim located her and told her she has the spirit  of witchcraft. She was delivered

A woman whose dead baby was resurrected by Angel Obinim testifies

Madam ​Edinam whose baby died in the womb and was resurrected by angel obinim was in church today to give her testimony and showcase her live baby that she gave birth to.

 She was in church on the 1st of November because doctors had told her that her baby was dead. Child was delivered on the 7th of December. 

after birth the baby fell ill and miracle water was administer to him and he was healed

Filled with joy, she testified to what God used Angel Obinim to do for her.

Angel Obinim helped a man to win 15,000 GHS lottery.

A young man has disclosed how God through Angel Obinim made him to win lottery. 

He narrates he met Angel Obinim at International God’s Way Church and complained to him how life has been difficult for him. He said Angel Obinim promised God will use him to help him out of his predicament

He was given an oil direction and in the course  of doing the direction he saw Angel Obinim appeared in his dream and asked him what he wanted in the dream.

  He replied that he needed money.  Angel asked him to bring a paper and he wrote 2 sure lotto numbers for hi.. He stake the next day and won 150,000gh.

Filled with joy, he gave a testimony at the Accra branch of IGWC.

God through Angel Obinim saved woman’s daughter.

A woman has revealed how God used Angel Obinim, the founder and general overseer of International Gods Way church to save her daughter.

Jamila and the mother gave a testimony  that one-day she asked the daughter  to run an errand for her but the girl complained  of pains in her leg.  When the mother went to check the daughter had stepped on a pin and it has entered her leg. 
 She took her to Oda community  hospital  and koforidua hospital.  She was booked for a surgery during which they didn’t find the pin so she was booked for a 2nd operation but the mother prayed calling angel obinm to heal her daughter  and she used some of the miracle water of angel obinim.
 She used the water and the daughter dreamt that Angel came to her dream to remove the pin from leg.

 When she woke up the pin that they couldn’t see when they operated her was potruduing  out of her leg.  It was pulled

Angel Obinim’s underwear direction saved a woman from many years of spiritual marriage

A special direction by the leader and general Overseer of International God’s Way Church has saved a woman from spiritual marriage.

This direction by Angel Obinim was widely criticise by a section of the public with some describing it as occultist.

Surprisingly, a woman with spiritual marriage for 38years who took part in the underwear direction revealed how it saved her from many years of spiritual marriage.

Narrating her story, she said after the direction a mermaid appeared to have sex with her but she screamed and Angel Obinim appeared and tired the mermaid to to a tree and and also put it in a cage.

She revealed over since she has not experience the spiritual marriage again.

29yr old quit prostitution after Angel Obinim appeared to her in a dream

A 29 year old girl gave an astonishing testimony about how God through Angel Obinim helped her quit prostitution

Narrating her story whiles giving a testimony at the Accra Branch of International God’s Way Church-IGWC the lady said, she got into prostitution, smoking and drinking for 2years because of hardship.

Three weeks ago she visited IGWC and bought some of the miracle items including the bangle.

She said instantly she felt like a load has been lifted off her.

She revealed she dreamt after 2 days and Angel obinim appeared in her dream and told her he will help her so she should abandon the prostitution and other bad attitude.

She disclosed ever since she has deleted all the numbers of her clients and have quit the prostitution,smoking and drinking.

Filled with joy, she gave her testimony to the glory of God.

Angel Obinim to hold extraordinary ‘all-night’ church service.

The International God’s way church under the leadership of it’s founder and general overseer Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim, will hold an extra ordinary ‘all-night church service’

The all-night church service will be held at the Sakasaka park Ashiaman overhead on the 31 December 2017 to usher into the New Year.

This all-night will be filled with miracles and prophesies about the 2018 and the mystery in the year.

Bishop Obinim, popular referred to as Angel Obinim will lead his congregation into fire-works of prayers and worship to usher in the new year.

NB: People who can not locate the venue can go to the Team branch of IGWC, at community 9 close to the motorway roundabout adjacent the total fuel station where a bus will convey them to the all night grounds.

A man and wife give to testimonies about Angel Obinim

A man who has been searching for a child for 8years with the wife was opportuned to visit Angel OBINIM. He receive one of the miracle toffee and now his wife is pregnant.

His second testimony is that he received prophesy from angel obinim that his time is up and that he will reicieve a call from someone who will give h whatever he ask for.

Two months later he received that call and told the person he wants finishing equipment. The man asked the total cost of all the things and gave him the money