Attack of spiritual wall gecko on a woman’s business stopped by Angel Obinim

Madam Christy, a business woman said she dreamt one day and saw Angel Obinim. He told her to expand her business by opening another shop so she did. At the early stages,the new business flourished but the number of customers that were patronising her shop started decreasing as time went on.

She therefore went to see Angel Obinim at the emergency prayer line. Angel told her he would find out what was wrong spiritually. He then gave her an oil direction to do.

Madam Christy said Angel Obinim came into her dream the day she started the oil direction and told her that it was a human being that had turned itself into a spiritual wall gecko and hanged itself in front of her shop with open arms to drive customers away.

Angel went on further to explain to her that that was why customers usually come and ask of the prices of her things but never buy those things. And those who order things never return to pay for them. Angel told her that he had killed that gecko so when she goes to work in the morning she would see the gecko hanging infront of her shop dead.

Madam Christy said she found the gecko exactly where and how Angel Obinim told her in the dream when she went to her shop the following morning. Since then her business has experienced a boom. Below is the picture of the gecko.


Angel Obinim handkerchief cures woman of strange disease

At the Kumasi branch, a woman gave a dumbfounding testimony of how she got cured from her sickness by using a handkerchief Angel Obinim gave her.

According to the woman, she slept one-day and had a dream. In that dream she heard her name being called by someone but she didn’t see the person. When she woke up from the dream she started feeling burning sensations all over her body.

The sensations were accompanied with pains. She said she went to between 20 to 30 different hospitals including Komfo Anokye Teaching hospital but the doctors of these hospitals couldn’t cure her.She therefore decided to try herbal medicine. She said she visited a lot of herbalist within the 4 year period she had the sickness.

Her desperation and need to be healed went so far to the point that when a herbalist killed various snakes, cut them into pieces , placed them in a bottle and added alcohol to it and told her to be taking that concoction as “bitters”, she went ahead and did just that. However, when she finished the treatment with the “bitters” there was no improvement in her condition.

She said she went back to the hospital and the doctors discovered that in addition to the burning sensation all over her body , she had developed sores in her womb and uterus.They told her she would be unable to have a child but if she was able to they believed it would cure her. She said she got pregnant and indeed had a baby but her situation became worse. Therefore she lost hope.

One-day, she discovered Angel Obinim on one of his TV stations and decided to visit him. But when she told her husband, he replied that he was tired of her and her disease and the fact that they have been all over the place in search of solution, so he wouldn’t go with her this time round.

The women went to IGWC alone. Fortunately for her, during prophesy time that day Angel Obinim called her and gave her a handkerchief and told her that it will solve all her problems.

She said when she got home, she placed the handkerchief in a bowl of water. She drank some and used the rest to bath. She repeated it a couple of times and the burning sensation stopped. Also when she went to the hospital for a scan, it was discovered that all the sores in her uterus and womb had disappeared. It has been about 2 years since her healing.

Below is a picture of the hospital cards of some of the hospitals she visited.

Angel Obinim delivers a sakawa boy due to die in March from death

A young man was called by Angel Obinim during prophesy time at the Accra branch of IGWC. He gave the young man a rather difficult direction to do. This young man was to climb a pillar that had a fan attached to it and hold unto the fan for some of the air on the fan to blow over him. That way the spirit of God would give him life.The young man tried several times unsuccessfully to climb the pillar.

Angel Obinim explained the direction by saying that the way the pillar was slippery was the same way the life of the young man is. He then asked him about a dream he had a couple of weeks ago in which he Angel told him he was going to die.The young man confirmed the dream and said he saw Angel in a dream a couple of weeks ago and when he asked him where he was going, Angel replied by asking him where his friend Teddy was. He said he replied that Teddy had died and Angel told him he would die the same way Teddy died.

Explaining the dream, Angel Obinim told the congregation that the young man went for sakawa(juju ) money and was given 4 years to live and spend it. And that the 4 years would be up in March so the young man was due to died in that month. He went on further to say that it was the same sakawa(juju) money the young man’s friend Teddy went for and died the 4th year when the time given him was up.Angel Obinim then asked some gentlemen amongst the congregants to help the young man climb. After he climbed Angel told him that he had delivered from that death.

Watch the prophesy below

Stolen motorbike retrieved through the use of Angel Obinim sticker

A young lady at the Kumasi branch of IGWC testified that she had always wanted a motorbike. She said she was able to buy one and one-day, while riding the new motorbike she was attacked by armed men.

These men took away the bike. She said she went home and prayed with the Angel Obinim miracle sticker that Angel Obinim should help her recover her stolen bike.

According to her, she was home when she heard a knock on her door. When she opened it an old man who was with a motorbike told her he had brought her motorbike.

She said she tried questioning the old man but the only reply he gave was that he was not supposed to be questioned. And then he left her.

That night the young lady said she dreamt when she went to bed. She saw Angel Obinim who told her he was the one that brought the motorbike.

Angel Obinim arrest money thief and cause the return of the monies to the owner

An elderly woman by name Gorgina Danquah( aka Maame phobia) who lives at Mempaasem, a suburb of Assin Fosu testified that, she was at her drinking sport one Sunday selling her drinks when she remembered that she had some food on fire at home.

She said the food was actually burning, so she went into her house to remove it from the fire. When she retured, her two-days sales (monies) had been stolen. Unfortunately for her there was nobody around so she couldn’t shout, accussing anyone or ask anyone for help.

She said she went back inside her house and picked her Angel Obinim miracle sticker. She prayed saying “Angel Obinim, I know what you are capable of doing, that thief that came to steal my two-days sales (monies) arrest him or her and bring the person to me”.

According to Madam Gorgina, a few hours after the prayers she heard ,some noise outside her house. When she went out, she met a group of people who had arrested a young man and had been led by a boy of about 7 years old to her house.

One man in the group told Madam Gorgina that the little boy came to tell them that he saw the young man they had arrested counting some monies and that the monies belonged to Maame Phobia (Madam Gorgina). He said the boy told them that there was Obinim sticker in the container that held the money and that that sticker together with the monies belong to Maame Phobia.

The little boy then asked the group to ask Madam Phobia herself if they didn’t believe him so they arrested the young man. And came to Madam Gorgina’s( Madam Phobia) house being led by the boy.

Madam Gorgina checked the container with its content and confirmed to the group that the container and it content indeed belonged to her.The young man then confessed that indeed he was the one that came into the shop to steal the monies. The young man was then handed over to the Assin Fosu police.

According to Madam Gorgina, when she went to bed that night, she dreamt and saw Angel Obinim who told her that he was the one that turned himself into the little boy to cause the arrest of the young man that stole her money and then brought him to her house.

Angel Obinim removes 5 pieces of 50 persewa coins from cancerous breast

Rita Nsana said about a year and a half ago, she started experiencing pain in one of her breast. The pain was so severe that she went to Medical Village at Nkwanta. The doctors there didn’t detect anything so they placed her on painkillers.

She said the severity of the pain increased so she went back to Medical Village. They however referred her to Ho Trafaga hospital. The doctors there too told her there was nothing wrong with her because they couldn’t detect any sickness. She was again placed on pain killers as the doctors said pain management was the only solution they could provide.

Rita said she got hold of one of Angel Obinim miracle sticker and prayed asking Angel Obinim to heal her as the pain was so much. She said that night she dreamt and saw Angel Obinim.

He told her that her family witches had wanted to give her a spiritual cancer but he had come to remove it. Angel operated on the breast that was paining Rita and removed 5 pieces of 50 persewa coins from it. He told her while removing it that she should hold on to it well and not drop the coin until he is done removing all otherwise she will not be cured.

Rita said she held on tightly to the pieces of coins Angel gave her. When Angel Obinim finished with the operation, he stiched her back and Rita woke up.

According to her, when she woke up, the pain in the breast was all gone and she saw the 5 pieces of coins Angel Obinim removed from her breast tightly clenched in her palm.

Below is the picture of the coins and the video of the testimony


Lady gets 8000 Ghana cedis for free after Angel Obinim oil direction

According to the young woman who gave her testimony at the Accra branch of International God’s Way Church, she was facing financial difficulties in life. She however discovered Angel Obinim one-day when she was changing stations on her TV and decide to see him.

At the emergency prayer line, she told Angel Obinim to connect her to her divine helper as she was in financial crisis. Angel promised to do just that and gave her an oil direction.She said some days after the direction, she went to town on an errand. She met a gentleman who was holding a polythene bag.

The man gave her the bag and told her that she should hold unto it for him whilst he uses the washroom.According to the young lady, she stood there for close to an hour but the man didn’t come out of the washroom. She went inside to check but there was no one inside the the washroom. She took the bag home.

She said that night she dreamt and saw Angel Obinim. He told her it was him who gave her the bag and that she should open the bag. He went on further to tell her that the bag contained money and that it all belonged to her.When she woke up and counted the money in the bag, it was 8000 Ghana cedis. She has used the money to set up her own business.

Watch the testimony below

Lady disqualified from military school admission gets in with the help of Angel Obinim

A young lady gave a testify about how Angel Obinim helped her obtain admission into the military school when she was initially disqualified.

She said when she applied and the results came, her name was not among the people that were picked. She was told there was a problem with her application so she is disqualified. She said that day was a Thursday so she decided to go to church although she was so down and discouraged.

At church, she sat in the auditorium for a while and decided to go home because she was so down. On her way home, she met a mad man who asked her for her Angel Obinim miracle fan that she was holding.

The madman insisted that she should only give it to him if it’s from her heart. She gave the fan to the man and he told her to go back to the church auditorium. He went on further to tell her that Angel Obinim will call her and work on her problem for her so she shouldn’t be discouraged.

The young lady went back into the auditorium and during prophesy time Angel Obinim called her and gave her a banana direction to do at the church auditorium. Afterwards Angel told her she will receive a call and they will pick her.

According to the young lady, when she sat down she received a call from the administrator of the military school she applied to. He asked her to come to the school the next day. When she went, the man took her together with another lady in his car to another office where he helped them go through all the process they were required to go through. As at the time of this testimony, the young lady had completed her military training and had graduated to become a solider.

Watch the testimony below

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Angel Obinim revive the dead business of a man

The owner of Yesua Motors in Atebubu said many years ago he was very rich and the proud owner of a motorbike re-assembling shop.During that time he was able to stock the shop well and also take very good care of the family.

However,as time went on, his business started dwindling and then collapsed eventually. This was because he was not having money any more and thus unable to bring in the motor parts to stock the shop again. Also he was unable to provide the basic needs of the family.

He said he resorted to begging from one friend to the other. It was during him begging his friends that one recommended Angel Obinim to him.

He went to see him at the emergency prayer line at the Kumasi branch and told him his problem.Angel gave him an oil direction to do. He said after the oil direction money started coming from all angles. As a result he has been able to reopen his shop and stocked it very well with re-assembled motors.

He has bought two cars, one is 70,000 Ghana cedis and the other is 26,000 Ghana cedis. He has also put up a 12 bedroom self-contained house as well as save some money in the bank.

The pictures below are what he has acquired after Angel Obinim oil direction.

Man bitten by poisonous snake healed by Angel Obinim

Steven Tafri, a farmer at Sibi went to the farm one day and was bitten by a poisonous snake. He was taken to Nkwanta hospital and given IV infusion. However he was irresponsive to the treatment given within the two weeks he stayed there so he was referred to a hospital called Trafaga in the Volta Region.

His health had already deteriorated at the Nkwanta hospital, so when he got to Trafaga,he went into coma for 3 days. When he woke up, he was placed on an oxygen because he was gasping for air.He said because he was still not responding well to the treatment he was discharged .

According to him, he felt numb from his shoulder down to the point that he will place his hands in fire or he will intentionally cut some parts of his body and not feel any pain.

One-day while tuning his TV station he discovered Angel Obinim and prayed while watching one of his programs that he should heal him.That night he dreamt that he was flying when he saw a mango tree. Under the tree, Angel Obinim was having a church service.He then prayed in the dream that he wishes to land under the tree and attend the service Angel was organising.He indeed found himself under the mango tree and Angel Obinim asked him what he was doing there. But before he answered, Angel told him he is healed because of his faith and then he tapped his forehead.

When he woke up the the numbness in his body had disappeared and he was no longer gasping for air. For 3 years since the snake bite, he has not experienced any of the sickness the bite brought to him.